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Re: Evolution?! lol

mirtchevman wrote:
revox wrote:
Perhaps some of the 'genetically modified seeds' that you create with your illegal copy of Adobe Photoshop could 'land in my field': your moral standpoint would surely permit me, encourage me in fact, to bypass your children's bellies, and your mortgage payments, to pass-off the 'seeds' as my own. Perhaps I could make some money from them and then 'share' the 'seeds' with those leeches that don't really think the 'seeds' are worth a damn other than having the perverse satisfaction of knowing that they have something for nothing. I'll keep an eye open for your work and then, when I've managed to screw something out of you, I'll let you know.


it seems that we can no longer get our minds around the idea of art w/out commerce. but it is possible. from ancient petroglyphs to today's graffiti writers it has been proven...

Are we so brainwashed with capitalism that we cannot imagine a genuine socialist society where all things are shared freely. It just isnít going to happen. Not only our greed, but our quest for individuality will always get in the way.

May 13, 2010, 17:28


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