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Re: Evolution?! lol

revox wrote:
DevastatorJr. wrote:
Taking something I created and presenting it, unaltered, as your own, is plagarism. But I'd have no problem with you reading a comic I've drawn that someone's given you for free or creating fan fiction using some of my characters. Or if you wanted to do something of your own using a style or technique I came up with, it would be fine by me.

I'm of the opinion that no one can ever really bite your style, not if you're truly original. Jack Kerouac said, "Ideas come a dime a dozen, it's the approach that's important."

You appear to think that this is an honourable stance, indeed, with your own work - given that there are no publisher rights that you are unaware of - you may choose to be as benevolent as you like.

However, the issue that you have previously sidestepped, and are again thumbing your nose at, is that the rights to share files and use illegal software - the latter from which you earn a living - are not yours to freely imbue with your own sense of ethics.

Whatever the language you choose to dress this up in, plagiarism and theft are two sides of the same coin. You appear to have issue with plagiarism. You are a hypocrite.

Someone printing your work under another name and selling it in Thailand, for example, would probably earn a little bit of coin and there isn't a darn thing to be done about it. The sole benefit of this scenario to you is that you will be blissfully unaware of it; no one will be waving the proceeds from the sale of your work under your nose as they snigger at your impotence.

In this post, as you have done in another, you are making every contributor to this Forum aware of your disregard, disdain in fact, for the IP rights of others and yet, when it comes to your own rights, you are vehemently eloquent in your defence of them: in addition to being hypocritical, this is also immature.


I don't recall expressing any vehement defence of my own intellectual property rights as opposed to those of others, in fact, in the scenario you laid out, someone in some far off place pawning my work off as their own, frankly, I wouldn't really care. What I object to in plagarism is not the loss of profit, but the lack of originality. Everything with you is about money.

For me, the real issue isn't about one persons abstract notion of honor over anothers, but the possibility of opening up the all-pervasive, super-saturating media landscape that we all live in, so that it is programmable not just by those who can afford to pay to play, but to everyone.

May 14, 2010, 12:30


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