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Re: Evolution?! lol

DevastatorJr. wrote:

I don't recall expressing any vehement defence of my own intellectual property rights as opposed to those of others, in fact, in the scenario you laid out, someone in some far off place pawning my work off as their own, frankly, I wouldn't really care. What I object to in plagarism is not the loss of profit, but the lack of originality. Everything with you is about money.

For me, the real issue isn't about one persons abstract notion of honor over anothers, but the possibility of opening up the all-pervasive, super-saturating media landscape that we all live in, so that it is programmable not just by those who can afford to pay to play, but to everyone.

I think that you appreciate that I am not referring solely to your IP rights but to what you believe are your 'rights', period.

I also think that the casual attitude to your loss of profit in the scenario presented is BS and, when you say that the main object of your concern would be the 'lack of originality' in plagiarising and selling your work, it is further evidence of your lack of maturity and global sophistication.

Do you know how much a family in Thailand survive on every week? When a father says that his children are starving he means that they have nothing to eat and not that they can't afford to go to Burger King three times a week.

Oh, and no, everything about me isn't money, here I think that you speak of yourself and, if you don't remember the intensity of your convictions regarding your use of illegal software (down to your monetary status, not mine) see the evidence in your OP and subsequent thread Help Me Obi Wan Adobe


May 14, 2010, 16:18


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