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Re: Evolution?! lol

revox wrote:

Do you know how much a family in Thailand survive on every week? When a father says that his children are starving he means that they have nothing to eat and not that they can't afford to go to Burger King three times a week.


this example brings us back to the problem of compensation value from JS's thread -- it only strengthens the argument that the current economic model is broken. it's not the people who share mp3 files and movies that you should be mad at for this -- it's the people too stubborn to really try to strike the balance between social and economic values. They can't imagine doing without that fat paycheck which could pay to feed a whole 3rd world village but instead just pays for their three homes and their kid's au pair...

if this sharing model continues to accelerate and broaden in such a way that it really begin to break down parts of this economic structure -- which it definitely is -- then perhaps what will follow is a critical rethinking of it. i don't think capitalism is totally useless but it needs reigning in. and it needs to start here before it can start to benefit that family in Thailand.

i think these kinds of dialogues are good exercises and are proof that something really important is going on. it can't simply be be dismissed as theft -- some pretty influencial thinkers are weighing on this question too, people who don't even necessarily know how to use rapidshare...

May 14, 2010, 17:04


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