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steal this book/movie/song.
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Re: steal this book/movie/song.

cyberpainter wrote:
mirtchevman wrote:
s_lush_s wrote:
I can fathom it.
I don't think the artists make all that much money. I think that's more myth.

movie celebrities are what i consider glorified performance artists -- and they make way too much money and wield way too much influence. there's no myth to that. and with that monetary and social wealth comes an inflated and absurd sense of self-importance. i love to watch the oscars just to laugh at these people. the downfall of that ridiculous empire can't come soon enough...

Ok, but mirtch, are you grouping visual artists, musicians, writers, and actors together in previous posts? The "entertainment" industry is not the same as some writer, visual artist, or musician, most of which are not celebrities or making millions off their work.

i'm sorry, i didn't notice this post earlier. you're correct, cyber -- i should have differentiated between celebrities and working class artists. my earlier statement was in reference to the brad pitts and justin biebers of the world...

May 14, 2010, 20:16


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