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Re: Food for thought 1: Inheritance

cyberpainter wrote:

If I have money I should be able to give or leave it to who I choose. Why should some stranger have more right to someone's money than one's own family? Capitalism doesn't reject wealth without effort which is the basis for your argument. That is false. It's based on getting whatever the market will bear. Effort plays very little part in worth.

Good point. It is true that capitalism as it stands with socialist input and an incredibly invasive state does allow laziness and inheritance.
I suppose I am asking capitalists to think of the justification for the capitalist state in a world of limited resources. It usually revolves around some kind of theory that creating or labouring entitles one to own the products of their work. Capitalism generally comes up with a theory of just acquisition that is based on labour. It can only be sold at "whatever the market will bear" when you have justly acquired it. If not based on labour, then what?

May 31, 2010, 08:06


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