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Re: Food for thought 3: fair pay

cyberpainter wrote:
We don't pay people much. They're mass produced, so albums and movies don't cost much. When they aren't mass produced, like individual works of art, they are priced higher of course.

Well, we pay a lot more per record to the artist than we do to the grower of coffee beans or a sugar farmer. Take timber, People labour all day in the forest, chop the trees down and ship them off to anywhere in the world. The return on a tonne of wood is next to nothing and the worker gets barely enough to put a roof over his head. Now, it is good to see artists getting enough to get by but the simple balance may need to shift. Maybe even the world's top musicians, like the world's best farmers (the people not corporations), the world's best teachers and the world's best lumberjacks may simply have to accept that producing a commodity will no longer enable them to live in anything but a 3 bedroom house in the burbs next to the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker.
Of course, I could be wrong and people who make a mountain of money off CD sales may fight for their right to continue to make millions off the sale of a song. It is a fight they may win but evidence seems to be contrary to this. Millions are "stealing" off them right now and the stars seem to be losing the battle. But they may win.

May 31, 2010, 08:18


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