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steal this book/movie/song.
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Stereo Mouse
Stereo Mouse
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Re: steal this book/movie/song.

My two cents to this whole debate.

First off, music IS a luxury. It's not that we really need to listen to any kind of music to survive, far from it. There's no reason person X should absolutely need a Stereolab CD, there's no reason person Y should absolutely need a Sonic Youth CD. But those, and some other bands, have been lucky that some have chosen to buy their CDs anyway. This is an important reality to consider, when we discuss the issue of compensation for art. Some musicians have made a mistake of expecting that they could ever make a living with music. But like Zappa said, "don't expect anything and if you get something, it's a bonus".

Thus, earning a living for music, even in the halcyon days of vinyl records, has always been a craps shoot for majority of artists. For every semi-successful Frank Zappa you had some bands whose albums were never promoted that much at all and who sold miserably and wound up in debt and had to sell off their instruments and quit making music altogether. We somehow take for granted how seemingly easy it was to survive as a musician in these great old days, but not everyone made it. And it's depressing, very very depressing to think of the bands who failed miserably.

(continued in the next post, but that's because I deem that it's easier to break it in two parts)

May 31, 2010, 21:02


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