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President elect Barack Hussein Obama!!!!!
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basil too
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I'm with JS (kinda) on this one

i too have been trying to find an intellectual justification for voting for McCain. i can't.

my intelligent sister voted for him, but only because it would cost her money in taxes. but that only accounts for 5%.

the other 41%...

religious right - i won't go as far as calling them stupid but they are definitely delusional.

racists - fucking stupid? well they are fucking something

people that believed the GOP terrorist / socialist / maxist / (fill in the slur) - stupid or misinformed

people who (still) love sarah palin (and think it would be ok for her to be president) - definitely stupid

i really believe that a large part of the 41% are stupid enough to be duped by the GOP.

Nov 07, 2008, 22:17


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