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President elect Barack Hussein Obama!!!!!
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Re: I'm with JS (kinda) on this one

basil too wrote:
i too have been trying to find an intellectual justification for voting for McCain. i can't.

my intelligent sister voted for him, but only because it would cost her money in taxes. but that only accounts for 5%.

the other 41%...

religious right - i won't go as far as calling them stupid but they are definitely delusional.

racists - fucking stupid? well they are fucking something

people that believed the GOP terrorist / socialist / maxist / (fill in the slur) - stupid or misinformed

people who (still) love sarah palin (and think it would be ok for her to be president) - definitely stupid

i really believe that a large part of the 41% are stupid enough to be duped by the GOP.

And that's just the way they (the GOP) like it. They let this misinformation pile up, the blood boil, the hate simmer. McCain's assurance to the meek-minded crowd booing him when he told them that Obama would make a fine president not to be feared, demonstrated clearly to me that McCain's campaign was not really being run by him, and the respectable "maverick" he is was not completely lost. I'm just afraid that some of these ragers are going to do something really stupid. I just read that gun sales have gone up dramatically this week...

Nov 07, 2008, 22:21


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