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President elect Barack Hussein Obama!!!!!
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Re: I'm with JS (kinda) on this one

I Hurt Bert wrote:
I really hope his administration can finally tackle the elephant in the room - gun laws... Talk about a no-brainer....

I'd love nothing more, but it's not likely to happen. It's not just the misinterpretation of the Second Amendment which has permeated the debate. It's a whole Pandora's Box scenario that we're dealing with, where there are literally tens of millions of guns out there, both registered and not, in the hands of criminals and "law-abiding citizens just looking to protect their home"...

Maybe they can outlaw a few anti-tank guns and automatic weapons that fire off 10 rounds a second, but sadly that's about all we can hope for right now.

Nov 08, 2008, 16:17


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