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President elect Barack Hussein Obama!!!!!
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Re: President elect Barack Hussein Obama!!!!!


I couldn't be bothered to read most of your copy-paste list, too long, sorry, but I read enough to understand that you seem to be reproaching me of being biased... As if bias is necessarily a wrong thing???

Aren't we all biaised in some way? Well, I can admit that I indeed am, how about you? Maybe you are suggesting there are "good" and "bad" biases?

Is it a "good bias" to abhor murderers, pedophiles and rapists?

Is it any worse/better to abhor gun-nuts, homophobes and pro-lifes? Why?


The anti-war thing was merely an example to help you understand how I think. I know that war can sometime be a necessary evil, when all diplomatic options are exhausted. However, the war in Iraq was never necessary, and diplomacy was neglected anyway. Only a fool would still support the war in Iraq, (and possibly only fools ever supported it).

It's not just about the war thing anyway: Most of the core values of the GOP are so obviously against human progress towards better life for everyone that someone voting for them must be an idiot ESPECIALLY knowing what the GOP did for the last eight years.

That thing is so clear in my mind, it isn't even worth discussing or debating, since it would be like debating wether rape or pedophilia are good or bad things.


I now understand that my referal to GOP voters as "idiots/morons" was a tad reductive. Indeed a smart person can vote for the GOP,

For example: Voting GOP because your promised tax return would make you richer under a conservative administration. Very smart indeed, but also very selfish and showing lack of concern for the fate of those less fortunate who would be the victim of the GOP's evils. Do you vote for your immediate, personal and selfish gain or for the common good? You don't care about innocents dying in an unjustified war for as long as you pay less taxes?

So, I humbly admit my mistake: GOP voters may not be all idiots. If they are smart, then they are cruel and selfish.

Nov 10, 2008, 14:53


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