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amazing info re: historic election
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amazing info re: historic election
Black turnout about the same as 2004
There was no doubt that black voters were loyal to Obama. However contrary to predictions of historic participation, exit polls indicated that black turnout was either about the same or only slightly higher than in 2004 in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida and Mississippi. And yet he also won states with relatively small black populations, such as New Hampshire, Iowa, Washington state, Minnesota, and Vermont.

Race doesn't appear to have played a factor in getting him elected. Also, the population turnout was about 64%, the highest since 1908, even beating the turnout for JFK/Nixon!!

Obama appears to have more than a 7 million vote lead... and a big electoral vote blowout, 349 to 163. Compare that to Bush winning over Kerry in 2004 by 286 to 252, and we have a blowout! I bet Bush regrets now saying that in 2004 he had a mandate from the voters with political capital to spend; well now, we apparently have a HUGE mandate baby, oh yeah!!!! :)

I'm a little disappointed it wasn't a Reagan-style blowout, but I guess he didn't have racism working against him. Also, we're a little shy of a 60-seat filibuster-proof majority.

There were some interesting ballot measures (some very disappointing, others eye-opening and good):
Michigan voted to allow medical marijuana and stem cell research and Washington voted to allow doctor-assisted suicide.

The times, they truly are a-changin'.

Nov 05, 2008, 22:46