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Congrats to the Dems (from a Repub)
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Congrats to the Dems (from a Repub)

Congratulations. I openly don't like the outcome. But, I gotta hand it to you guys. After 8 years of devastating (and hilarious) Bush defeats, you guys were finally able to pull it through. Way to go. It's about time! lol

The Dems were so desperate for a victory, they got an empty candidate who barely said anything other other than he's not George Bush...? NICE

The same people who helped crashed the economy by not paying on mortgages and loans STILL got their hands out for more government cheese. lol That's the kinda "change" they want. You mean to tell me he's gonna stimulate things by taxing businesses even more..? The Dow Jones just crashed 500 points, the biggest post-election drop ever. hahahaha You guys got a win for a change, but at what cost. Have fun while cause it's NOT gonna last. ;)

Nov 06, 2008, 01:06