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The Gods and the stars before monotheism:
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The Gods and the stars before monotheism:

What a great way of looking at our mortality and our origins. Isn't that so much of a more peaceful way of looking at things? As I spend some time away from the bustling city and the rest of the modern world, with all of its conflicts, I look at the stars and realize that if there was ever anything to believe in, the stars should be the only real way of looking at things. As they were then, they should be now marveled at. Such a great way of looking at our lives! Looking at love, looking at that which makes the colors of our haven Earth.

Wouldn?t that be a fantastic thing we can all agree on? The Gods of our universe in the stars. We should roll the clocks back and look at it this way. It would usurp any and all differences of culture and bring us to the same level. That level which is amazing; the level of us all looking up and knowing that we are gods. That original level on which every belief is based.

Let's go back and move forward. It's infinite.


Nov 07, 2008, 06:17