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New Mercury Rev
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New Mercury Rev

I just listened to the new Mercury Rev album "Snowflake Midnight". I was ready for this album being completely underwhelming, given how Mercury Rev's previous two albums were a pale shadow of former glories, especially the rather dull "Secret Migration".

Well, I like it. They experiment with electronics on this one and they pull it off. Granted, it's not very innovative and some of the synth/piano sounds are a bit cheesy, but nonetheless it's quite a potent album. No overdone orchestration and Donahue's vocals are less cloying. He even sings a bit lower on some tracks. "Senses on Fire" is a favorite track. It's quite krautrock inspired. I hear a bit of the old Rev noise in the mix too, but it's more polished and controlled and not as overwhelming. If the old Rev sounded like Sonic Youth, then the new Rev album occasionally brings in mind Blonde Redhead's "23".

RYM raters tend to dislike the album, but then the professional critics have written mostly favorable reviews for this album so far. And indeed, I also think this is a good album. Not as great as the first four, but still, Rev hasn't sounded so bold nor exploratory since "See You On the Other Side". A slight return to form.

Oct 01, 2008, 22:04