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Shame on the Swiss
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Re: Shame on the Swiss

I knew that somebody would eventually come out with this predictable example.
I strongly believe that there is no sense in sending to prison a 80 year old person, unless is a danger to the society.
Is Polanski a danger to the society? I don't think so. Does he offer anything to the society? Yes, his movies: maybe not as essential as the ones he did before he started to rape children, but still better than the hundreds of reality TV shit that shape the minds of our children, for example.
I'd rather see in prison a burglar, a dodgy mafioso politician, a shithead teenage thug or the lazy-ex-gypsy-Russian-parasite neighbor of mine who lives his life at my expense claiming housing and income benefit when there is nothing wrong with him in terms of being able to look for a job but everything else is wrong with him in terms of antisocial behavior.
I'd rather see these and a million other people in prison than somebody who 30 years ago had anal sex with a young girl (who by the way had agreed to go with him to Jack Nicholson's house to eat candies and who has long forgiven him anyway) and that has spent 30 years in exile because of that.
Rather them than Roman Polanski. And yes, rather them than an 80 year old Nazi.
Now, let's talk about STEREOLAB please.

Jul 13, 2010, 14:44


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