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Shame on the Swiss
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Re: Shame on the Swiss

In spite of velvetwater's claim, I am very broadminded, and you didnt wrap things up beautifully. Let me address some specific points:
Labhead wrote:

1) Why did the mother send her 13 yr old daughter unsupervised to a risque photo shoot?

I don't know, and it doesn't matter. This does not mean the girl deserves to be raped, nor did it entitle Polanski to rape her. A bad parenting decision does not suddenly make rape legal.

Labhead wrote:

There is evidence that Polanski did not know her real age.

Is there? Other than that same line being repeated in that article you linked, I don't know that. Even still, he drugged and raped her. That is a fact. Whether he knew her age or not doesn't change that.

Labhead wrote:

Instead of defending himself as not guilty, Polanski agreed to a plea bargain where he would serve some time, and then right before the trial found out that the judge was going to renig on the deal

Yes, I'm aware of that. However, Polanski has never retracted his confession. He never said he didn't do it. If he had a fear of irrational punishment, he should never have raped anyone.

Labhead wrote:

4) After 30 years, isn't the statute of limitations in affect, or would you prefer to ignore the rules in preference of emotions?

I never mentioned emotions. The statute of limitations governs the time after a crime that the prosecutor can bring charges. It does not apply to convictions. Polanski was charged, prosecuted, and convicted all within the statute of limitations. Perhaps you should learn the rules before getting snarky about how they work.

Labhead wrote:

Why did the US not have France have a go in court

I don't know, and it doesn't matter. Polanski is a convicted felon who is fleeing justice.

Labhead wrote:

The victim does not want this to continue and has forgiven him

Good for her. I hope her forgiveness helps her healing process. But the State of California brought the charges, and the State has not forgiven him.

Jul 14, 2010, 02:59


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