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Shame on the Swiss
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Re: Shame on the Swiss

Cheeso wrote:
I don't know, and it doesn't matter. This does not mean the girl deserves to be raped, nor did it entitle Polanski to rape her. A bad parenting decision does not suddenly make rape legal.

That wasn't what I was saying. I'm just saying this whole thing is fishy, and part of the blame lies in parenting. Did they perhaps lie to Polanski and say she was 18 so she could do the risque photo shoot? And no, I'm not saying that he is allowed to rape 18 yr olds either.

Cheeso wrote:
Even still, he drugged and raped her. That is a fact.

Did he drug her? Or were drugs/alcohol there and she took some herself?

Cheeso wrote:
However, Polanski has never retracted his confession. He never said he didn't do it. If he had a fear of irrational punishment, he should never have raped anyone.

Well, first he said "not guilty" on all counts. It was only after a plea bargain with a 90 day eval/probation was offered that he said he's plead guilty to illegal intercourse (not the other charges, though, which would have been dropped unless the judge was about to renig on his agreement).

Cheeso wrote:
I never mentioned emotions. The statute of limitations governs the time after a crime that the prosecutor can bring charges. It does not apply to convictions. Polanski was charged, prosecuted, and convicted all within the statute of limitations. Perhaps you should learn the rules before getting snarky about how they work.

OK, maybe I'm wrong about a few details, but I'm not trying to be 'snarky'. Sorry if I'm coming across that way. It's just that this whole thing sounds pretty fishy.

I forgot to mention, he also paid the victim $500,000.

I guess where I'm coming from, is that in general (not talking about this case) I've seen a lot of people lie and make false accusations over the years. I've also seen a lot of abuse from authority and courts. I try to take a reasonable approach that there are always 2 sides to every story, and everyone is entitled to their fair day in court, so I don't like to jump to conclusions just because circumstances look bad.

Did someone say that he wrote about it himself in a book? What did he have to say about it (although that again is only 1 side of the story, and should be taken with a grain of salt)?

Jul 14, 2010, 22:53


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