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Shame on the Swiss
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Re: Shame on the Swiss

hito wrote:

Now, now. No need to burst your boiler. If you are insulted, think I am juvenile and insulting or need debate explained then we have strayed from the course.

Perhaps it was all in the telling. I suppose that saying someone elses's belief is bollocks doesn't suggest that you are interested in open debate but that is just me.

Of course you are entitled to your opinion. I was enjoying the to and fro.

Anyway, on with the show.

Given that you acknowledge that forgiveness is possible and we have already acknowledged that there are doubts about the authenticity of her forgiveness and so can put them aside for a second, if it were genuine, would this sway your opinion on whether Polanski should be locked up? Or would you say that her forgiveness, like the Christian forgiveness of the S11 bombers is a very undesirable idea - bollocks, even?

There you go again. Why should I not be generally interested in open debate because I think IN THIS CASE what my friend said was bollocks?. Of course I love open debate even if sometimes I think the other's opinion is bollocks - sometimes I see the other's point of view and change my opinion as a result. Dialectic materialism has always proved an effective means of discovery and problem solving for me.

If Samantha's forgiveness were genuine no it would not sway my opinion. If that were so ultimately there would be anarchy. Gangs killing other gang members avoiding prosecution because they were 'forgiven' irrespective of who was killed in the crossfire. Again it is an idealistic model and the reality of the human condition would never be served by such idealism.

Forgiveness is an intensely personal emotion and not related to punishment. It is possible to forgive but still want retribution. It is like charity - it loses it's purity when it is pronounced to others and similarly perhaps Samantha's forgiveness (if genuine) is good for her recovery and that is a truly wonderful thing, but for everyone else particularly those with children of their own it is still an unforgiveable crime.

What Polanski did is still one of the last taboos and in the UK for example, it is almost possible for a lynch mob to execute someone for the same crime with no questions asked. I am not saying I agree with that, but it is an illustration of how deeply society is repulsed by this terror in our midst.

Jul 15, 2010, 11:28


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