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Shame on the Swiss
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Re: More proof that JS is nothing but a troll

Cheeso wrote:
(A bunch of stupid stuff.)

Who is obsessed with whom, really?

For a couple pages, it seems you have given up on this thread, Only Dara and Hito were substantially carrying the discussion.

Then , a few minutes after I reply, BAM! there you are, as if you were there, waiting for me.

In fact, most of the interventions you made in this thread (your thread, btw) were about me.

I mostly never reply to your stuff nowadays, unlike you, who had to post nasty comments in my two latest threads.

It is clear that you are the obsessed one here, Cheeso. Pitiful indeed.

You accuse me of being a troll. Do yo remember, Cheeso the rule number one about troll management?

It goes like this:

"The troll craves for a reaction by others, positive or negative. Never feed a troll. Always ignore the troll."

Well, you don't ignore me. It can only mean one of three things.


1-I am not a troll.
2-You are a moron who enjoy being trolled.
3-You are yourself a troll who is trying to troll me by calling me a troll.

In any case, your best course of action from now on is simply to ignore me, but you and I know that you are too much obsessed about me to do this.

Jul 16, 2010, 06:40


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