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'The enemy within' video - heavy stuff man!
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Re: 'The enemy within' video - heavy stuff man!

This man has many good points (I watched some other of his movies) but I think it's quite shortsighted to blame muslims, catholics and liberals for most of the problems of mankind.

Anyone who can take a moment to think will understand that the increasing gap between the rich and the poor is the cause of most problems in the world, and this increasing gap is a natural and unavoidable effect of capitalism. This gap will keep on increasing, not just between rich and poor nations, but also between the rich and poor people among any nation.

Many good things came out of capitalism, it was good for a time, but it is now obsolete (I might even say it's been obsolete for quite a few years) and should be changed asap.

But questioning capitalism is taboo: world leaders, after the great financial crisis, are scratching their heads, desperately trying to find ways to "fix" the capitalist system instead of considering alternatives to capitalism. They cant admit to themselves that capitalism is doomed to failure in today's world.

Che Guevara said this:

"The laws of capitalism, which are blind and are invisible to ordinary people, act upon the individual without he or she being aware of it. One sees only the vastness of a seemingly infinite horizon ahead. That is how it is painted by capitalist propagandists who purport to draw a lesson from the example of Rockefeller whether or not it is true about the possibilities of individual success. The amount of poverty and suffering required for a Rockefeller to emerge, and the amount of depravity entailed in the accumulation of a fortune of such magnitude, are left out of the picture, and it is not always possible for the popular forces to expose this clearly.... It is a contest among wolves. One can win only at the cost of the failure of others."

Jul 20, 2010, 03:46


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