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'The enemy within' video - heavy stuff man!
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basil too
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Re: 'The enemy within' video - heavy stuff man!

JS wrote:

Yes, I watched a few of his video. He blame Muslims and Catholics for most of the problems in the world, and he blames liberal governments for the multiculturalism that is allowing the Muslims infiltrate the western society.

The economical system is a bigger problem than religions because in modern, advanced nations, at least the people are free to join any religion they want, or to be atheists/agnostics. However, the economical system is forced on the people without their consent.

I don't know how a "true end of faith" can ever be achieved.Religion can't be forbidden because we believe in freedom.

People may be persuaded to become atheists, but good luck: some 80% of the population of Earth are believers.

The more the people are afraid /uncomfortable /struggling to survive/ worried about the future, the more easily they turn themselves to some deity in order to get some hope and comfort.

So, we can't hope for a secular planet unless poverty and insecurity are eradicated.

To eradicate poverty and insecurity, resources must be shared in a fair way among every human beings.

But, under a capitalist system, resources can never be shared in a fair way because resources are owned by the few.


Spot on as always. Thanks for your opinion.

I totally agree that Capitalism will eventually bring down the planet. It is an obvious pyramid scheme that requires unlimited resources to continue and constant growth to succeed. Those that consume and pollute the most win.

I am super pessimistic when it comes to anything changing until a catastrophic economic event. I think we are getting closer.

You can't eat gold.

Buy a big plot of land somewhere and start a farm. You never know when you might need it.

It blows my mind that 80% of the population believe that there is some mystical deity that has a hand in what happens on this planet. Desperation?

Anyway, this is surely a ramble and not worth a reply, but just wanted to say thanks.

Jul 22, 2010, 03:06


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