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'The enemy within' video - heavy stuff man!
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Re: 'The enemy within' video - heavy stuff man!

and by plastering I mean the Ten Commandments. when they should be handing out Constitutions!
Who cares about religion?
but I guess he felt the need to address this and he was proud of it.
I don't problem with it.
I have a problem with religion. and I shouldn't be so gullible to jump on the daily WH press spoonful and interpret it as the truth.
I'm sick of all th patriarchal religions.I respect them, but it's mind control, and corruption, and greed, and always, always, always degradation of women. in some form or degree. it is the oppression and enslavement of women to fufill mens' "needs". and the enslavement of the majority of the population to profit the rich. I don't feel that men have it better, in most cases much worse. I understand this.
religion is so useless with all these LAWS!! why do we need religion?

Jul 22, 2010, 03:31


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