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Squirrel M. Nutter
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Re: Why are you so hateful and divisive?

velvetwater wrote:
Squirrel M. Nutter wrote:
All you are doing is spreading hatred and negativity.

And why do you hate freedom of speech so much?

Why do you try to dictate what people can and cannot say?

Why do you want to ban those you disagree with?

You tried to get people to stop posting in the polanski thread and now you are trying to ban people. What is wrong with you?

Take it easy Squirrel J. Cheeser.
Don't you see that the tone you use not only is often rude (ok some people don't seem to mind), but even aggressive and provoking?
I don't dictate anything, I suggest.
I believe in freedom of speech, but there is so much shit (to quote one of the friendly users) in this forum that I felt it needed some criticism.
Sometimes I am genuinely interested in reading a post when all of a sudden it becomes a festival of nonsense and I have to scroll down at least two pages (normally filled by the same couple of double users who keep posting separate sentences one after the other) before being able to read a "normal" entry.
I am not banning anyone, but I think that it does not make sense to have more than one username (unless it is for a technical reason). You waste a lot of space, a bit like when on YouTube you make a search and 90% of what appears doesn't have any connection or relevance with what you were looking for.
I suggest you listen to YOU USED TO CALL ME SADNESS a couple of times a day or maybe NAUGHT MORE TERRIFIC THAN MAN before you speak in order to chill out. Or maybe...VELVETWATER!
But probably you don't like them.

Jul 21, 2010, 01:33


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