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Eddie Chargeman
Eddie Chargeman
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Re: Why are you so hateful and divisive?

Nothing being said is a big deal. People can post as many or as few times as they want. Obscenity is not encouraged but saying foul words is still legal in America. I don't have any idea what your Utopian vision for this forum is but guess what? you are not the ombudsman or the arbitrator of this forum. I might have expectations about how I would like people to behave, but I can't base my behavior on others actions, reactions, provocations, or their whiny little pipe dream desires that everyone get along in the world and bad things stop happening to people. Until then you're going to need to learn some basic psychological skills for functioning in the world. The internet is full of resources.

you let me know how that works out for you, okay? and when you've found shangri-la please update all of us, we're all looking for it. Thanks.

Jul 21, 2010, 15:07


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