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Re: haha is that the big reveal?

Cheeso wrote:
velvetwater wrote:
Squirrel M. Nutter wrote:

I've seen someone else say your tone was rude and insulting as well.

Exactly: yourself as cheeso! :-)))))))))))

You think there are people who don't me and squirrel are one and the same, and you think you've uncovered the big plot? hahahaha

You really are a dolt...

If you had bothered to read my posts properly you would have seen that I did not claim to have uncovered any big plot. I even said that I didn't think you made a mystery of using two different usernames.
But you have such an innate urgency to attack that you don't even read properly.
You are now making a spectacle of yourself, being so defensive and basically trolling as usual.
I have been very calm and tried to talk to you.
But sadly hito was right: with you it is bound to end badly as you are so childish and full of resentment and hate for anyone that has a different opinion.
One day I will say "you used to cause me sadness".
Now I will just say "grow up".
Maybe you should watch LE LOCATAIRE (THE TENANT) or ROSEMARY'S BABY tonight to entertain yourself rather than bother people in this forum. But please don't take it as an order as it is just a suggestion.
You can write anything you like now, I have better things to do than wasE my time with a sad case like you. Therefore I will not reply to you again. But feel free to keep your show going.
And now let's take a photo: cheese! You are done.
End titles: a new version of the cheesy Bee Gees classic: YOU LOOSE AGAIN!
Ciao :-)

Jul 21, 2010, 15:30


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