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Re: Why are you so hateful and divisive?

velvetwater wrote:
Eddie Chargeman wrote:
you're going to need to learn some basic psychological skills for functioning in the world.

You are so right.
But you and the other people that are criticizing me for objecting to certain behaviors in this forum, should learn not to be so hypocritical as you don't seem to have much tolerance for anyone that make a negative comment about what you do or say.
If I have come across as arrogant I apologize, but with people like cheeso is hard to have a "normal" conversation.
I am curious to know what more moderate users (like hito or labhead) think about all this.
At least I am sure they will not offend me.

Velvetwater I think you are whining, and I'm pretty tired of reading your posts. You are condescending and insist that if people don't agree with you then they must not be truly listening to you. I've read everything you've written, and I agree with very little that you've spouted. Yet I'm a reasonable forumite most of the time. How do you figure that one? I'm talking about your arguments about the rapist topic, and your over reaction to people who disagree with you. You take too much of what's written personally. I think we should move on and people should get over themselves.

And apology accepted about you coming across as arrogant.

Jul 21, 2010, 16:37


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