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Re: Why are you so hateful and divisive?

cyberpainter wrote:
velvetwater wrote:
... or booklover, JS and all the others.
What do you guys think about the multiple usernames, meaningless drivel, random ramblings, or being rude in a forum of this type?

Your asking JS's opinion like he's some kind of moderate forumite? He just comes here to get in fights with cheeso. We have a huge long history over many years around here and things flare up once in a while. I'm not excusing cheeso, and I think he does do a bit of trolling himself on top of his sometimes crude way of writing. But this thread is as troll-ish as they come.

I am sorry but I have to insist that you don't read my posts properly: where do I say that JS is moderate? If you notice I actually mentioned his name is a separate post as to say "I wish to hear the opinion of the others as well".
You say that you don't excuse cheeso but I have never read anything by you against him! Instead lots of criticism towards me. You might disagree with my opinions but you can't honestly say that I am not "a little bit" more constructive than him. I am really confused here.

Jul 21, 2010, 17:35


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