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Re: Why are you so hateful and divisive?

velvetwater wrote:
cyberpainter wrote:
velvetwater wrote:
... or booklover, JS and all the others.
What do you guys think about the multiple usernames, meaningless drivel, random ramblings, or being rude in a forum of this type?

Your asking JS's opinion like he's some kind of moderate forumite? He just comes here to get in fights with cheeso. We have a huge long history over many years around here and things flare up once in a while. I'm not excusing cheeso, and I think he does do a bit of trolling himself on top of his sometimes crude way of writing. But this thread is as troll-ish as they come.

I am sorry but I have to insist that you don't read my posts properly: where do I say that JS is moderate? If you notice I actually mentioned his name is a separate post as to say "I wish to hear the opinion of the others as well".
You say that you don't excuse cheeso but I have never read anything by you against him! Instead lots of criticism towards me. You might disagree with my opinions but you can't honestly say that I am not "a little bit" more constructive than him. I am really confused here.

Well you can insist all you like that I don't read your posts properly. But if you insist I'll try to explain it in logical steps. You asked other's including JS's opinions about the meaningless drivel etc. You want others who you think don't post meaningless drivel to respond. Thus my use of the word "moderate". I also have written plenty of times in a descriptive way about squirrel's posts, including the thing you just quoted! Geesh. And no, I don't think these topics are very constructive. Sorry you're confused.

Jul 21, 2010, 21:58


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