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Re: Why are you so hateful and divisive?

velvetwater wrote:

I am curious to know what ...hito think(s) about all this.
At least I am sure (he) will not offend me.

Well, I hope not. To be frank, I reckon you should stop and call a truce. Say you won't get into it any more and leave it at that. You have said "no more" a few times but you keep coming back. Resist the temptation. You will get more nasty posts after your truce but don't reply. They will soon give up.
There are flaws in your argument and approach that will send people into a spin. I am not saying you are completely in the wrong but there are things you could have done better earlier and it is probably too late to change that now.
Some people in this forum like to gang up and attack, some people just disagree with you and others are probably trying to help. You won't change the minds of those who are being nasty because they have alliances they like to keep or they love to see you getting frustrated. If you believe that you are nicer than them, then prove it to yourself.
I recommend you stop, avoid trying to win the argument about who is in the wrong (you can't), don't accuse people of ill will and regardless of the strategies of others, don't resort to dirty tricks (it may be too late). Forgive the people who you feel have hurt you and contribute to the forum like none of this ever happened.

Jul 22, 2010, 09:59


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