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Re: Why are you so hateful and divisive?

You seem very wise and you would make a good counsellor.
I think that you are mostly right and yes, I feel it is time to give it a rest too.
I had already quit the thread about Polanski and I stopped replying to cheeso a while ago, so the "you keep coming back" statement is not really accurate (I had never said that I would quit ALL discussions).
But yes, this one is getting tiresome too.
I really don't know why I got so involved in the first place.
Normally I am much wiser myself.
I have never intervened at this level before.
I have always posted only about music or cinema (few will remember now, but what I wrote was normally appreciated): I guess a build up of irritation about certain behaviors had the best of me. And when I found myself right in the middle of it I felt I had to try and do something.
But, like you said, you really can't convince anyone about who is in the wrong and even less change the mind of the “big alliance”.
So I rest my case and go back to enjoying my holidays.
I will see you all to comment on the new releases that are coming out later this year.

Jul 22, 2010, 14:19


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