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Would the introduction of a moderator be good for the forum?
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Re: Would the introduction of a moderator be good for the forum?

DevastatorJr. wrote:
k. wrote:
DevastatorJr. wrote:
I'll never understand the urge some people have to censor others on a public forum or even ban them from speaking entirely. Isn't it simple enough to simply not read messages from those you find offensive, or is the idea that you don't want others to read them either?

I don't know, when you have a community, there are certain expected customs and decorums. You can't go around calling your neighbors names all the time without something bad happening. Imagine if this weren't teh internetz, would you allow somebody to follow you around saying rude things to you, and not entertain the option of calling the cops for harassment?

A few things - first, because this is in fact an internet forum, the same rules of behavior don't apply as in the case of someone following you around in the physical real world. Again, here on the internet, we always have the option of simply not reading comments from those we don't like. This may not be convenient, but personally, I value the right to free speech, particularly here on the internet, one of the last bastions of free speech, more than the minor annoyance of having to scroll past some objectionable comments.

Second, whose standards of behavior are we to abide by? I'm sure we all have different ideas about what is objectionable speech and what is not, unless we had some sort of written charter that we all agreed to, any moderators decisions would be totally arbitrary. The way I see it playing out would be that those incessantly complaining about others would probably end up winning, if only because the moderator would tire of hearing about it. But that wouldn't necessarily make it right.

Lastly, I didn't intend my comments as an attack, (well, maybe I did, but an attack on the idea of censorship, not a personal attack, since I don't know you,) and of course you have the right to express your opinion, just as I have the right to express my opinion about yours, and on and on and on. That's what free speech is all about, right? ;)

Last to first...

I didn't consider your comments an attack at all. And I don't disagree with you about Free Speech either, except where it pertains to direct attack of another member of a community with namecalling in conjunction with following that user around the board and replying with said namecalling to every last post. The "standards of behavior" are at least in a small part a mirror of the standards of behavior of society, where you cannot shout "fire" in a public space, you cannot shout obscenities at another person on a habitual basis, and you are subject to the rules of local, state and federal issue.

Then there's the matter of what you are allowed to transmit electronically in a private domain. The words used are things, and they become the property of the domain: it is not up to the users to decide, unless the owner of the domain elects to allow them to. What a participant in a domain transmits is completely subject to the whims and permissions of the domain owner, who can rule the domain as strictly or liberally as he chooses, unless of course it transcends those boundaries and enters into language and behavior prohibited by state and federal law, as outlined more or less by Section 223 of title 47 as amended by the Communications Decency Act (United States)
Free speech is not guaranteed on the internet, both for reasons of private property and because of state and federal laws that prohibit certain uses of it.

Finally, I want to say that the Stereolab Forum should be a bastion of Free Speech as intended by Laetitia or Tim, but I cannot. The management has in the past banned (permanently censored) certain users. So Stereolab is not immune to applying censorship on their property.

Jul 21, 2010, 18:08


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