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Would the introduction of a moderator be good for the forum?
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Re: Would the introduction of a moderator be good for the forum?

cyberpainter wrote:
DevastatorJr. wrote:
I'll never understand the urge some people have to censor others on a public forum or even ban them from speaking entirely. Isn't it simple enough to simply not read messages from those you find offensive, or is the idea that you don't want others to read them either?

Neither god nor master.

I agree.

I don't. This is too simplistic. Cyberbullying is recognised as a serious problem around the world. There have been cases of suicide caused in part by relentless internet harrassment. I find it hard to believe that people are not aware of it.
You cannot simply say to people that they should ignore it. People make connections to a community on the internet, much like they would a church, town, peer group etc. If it turns nasty then it is not easy to walk away.
Moreover, one of the problems of the internet is that it allows people to say things they would not say in real life. Without the visual cues such as sad faces and slumped bodies, people say some very nasty things (as evidenced by many people on "both sides" here in this forum).
Moderation allows an impartial observer to remove or warn users who are not thinking of the emotional impact of their utterances.

Jul 22, 2010, 11:32


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