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Would the introduction of a moderator be good for the forum?
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Re: Would the introduction of a moderator be good for the forum?

Clearly it would be a good idea to have some form of moderation -other forums I access are moderated and they are far more entertaining than the indescribable bollocks bollocksness that this one has degenerated into (in many threads).

It may be going through a difficult phase, but come on you bunch of schizoid fuck-ups, dump your ego junk elsewhere, mend your egos elsewhere, just...go elsewhere, basically. You're fundamentally boring in a way you're too dense to comprehend. You're interrupting my (and many other people's)interest in and pleasure from this board, so would you just fuck off?

Censorship exists everywhere -we censor ourselves, we censor our histories, we censor each other to protect each other, we censor on a moment-by-moment basis. Moderation is censorship, censorship happens, and amongst people unwilling or unable to self-censor, there really isn't much of an alternative.

Could I suggest that several moderators are established to work together to stop the current degeneration into textual cess that we seem to have here?

Mind you, I wouldn't be one of them -simply no time to do it -and who apart from the trolls has the time to patrol the boards?

Mar 26, 2011, 21:12


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