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Prog Fans. Your help please.
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Re: Prog Fans. Your help please.

GaryB wrote:

I have a few of these. Most I have never heard of..

I am going to check out Magma ASAP, after your recommendation and JS's previous post(s).

One word of warning about Magma, from personal experience:

Most of the music you once enjoyed will seem very bland after you start listening to Magma. They are THAT intense.

Like I said some time ago, early Magma albums doesn't have the sound and recording quality that this music deserves, so you should start with modern Magma, IMO.

K.A. (2004) is an outstanding album, on par with the older Magma classics, the perfect entry point in the Magma world.
The DVDs "Mythes et L?gendes" should come next on your list: Magma live is a sight to behold.

They are currently working on their next album: Emehnteht-Re , with a different lineup.

Speaking of new lineup, does anyone knows why Antoine, Himiko and Emmanuel decided to abruptly and simultaneously leave the band? They found two new guys to replace Antoine and Emmanuel, but they are short of one female signer...

I recently found out this hilarious page about Magma:

GaryB wrote:

Hi. Stella here.

A difficult weekend here at the Magma castle. Christian has been sick of Planet Earth since about 1969, and has had this extended project of building some kind of rocket to take all the Magma members to somewhere a bit less stressful. Our ex-bassist Jannik Top always used to try and point out that even if Christian managed to contruct a craft that would break through the pull of Earth's gravity (highly unlikely, in my opinion) there would be no guarantee that we'd find a planet with sufficient oxygen / water to be able to support a French prog rock band. Also, Christian is insisting on keeping the belongings we take with us to an absolute minimum, and Jannik was rather concerned about the availability of his favoured Gallen Kruger bass amp in the outer reaches of the galaxy.

Anyway, I was woken at about 8am yesterday by an almighty banging and crashing from a barn next to the castle, and I knew that Christian was moving into the latest phase of rocket contruction. I peered out of the window and saw him with arms outstretched, standing before an enormous silo to which he had nailed a Magma crest:

And singing at the top of his voice: "Hhai! Hhai! Hhai! Mekanik Zain! Slaoss!" (rough translation: for chrissakes, why won't this bloody thing start?) Now, I love Christian dearly, but sometimes he gets a little carried away. I coaxed him indoors with the promise of a glass of Bordeaux and a little John Coltrane on the stereo, and in an hour or so he had calmed down a little. "Do you ever think we'll reach the planet Kobaia?" asked Christian. "Well, honey, you know, it's possible..." I replied, diplomatically. Christian turned back to his maps and charts outlining his vision of a Kobaian utopian society. I went into the kitchen and flicked through the latest issue of Cosmopolitan. "Are you getting the most out of your relationship?", was one of the headlines. I think that sometimes I get more than I bargained for.

Nov 12, 2008, 10:05


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