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NOT MUSIC details via Pitchfork
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Re: NOT MUSIC details via Pitchfork

Archigram wrote:

I truly hope it's a vast improvement over CC! is not very likely.
Let's not forget that after all these songs were left out and therefore they were considered less important.
And they will probably resemble the general mood and style of CHEMICAL CHORDS.
But our taste can indeed differ to Tim's and, after hearing NOT MUSIC, we will all say that we wold have selected different tracks for the first album.
Some people have already stated that they consider the extra tracks of CC and the tour single to be superior to many of the chosen songs.
And I am sure that there will be plenty of tracks on NM that will be nicer than SILVER SANDS or DAISY CLICK CLACK, for example.
Of the ones we already know, to me TWO FINGER SYMPHONY is nothing special, whereas BUMP (hopefully included albeit with a different title) seems more promising.
But this is all speculation.
For now let's be happy that at least (and at last) this material will be released.

Aug 18, 2010, 01:09


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