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NOT MUSIC details via Pitchfork
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Re: NOT MUSIC details via Pitchfork

and if I rush out now, and get my *landline* telephone maybe I will suffer the promised infliction of the government and as a reward I'll receive a STEREOLAB cd at random !!
or we could gather at designated international businesses that will receive the Stereolab reward. and we can participate in a contest to receive the prize. an artistic contest. where our artistic merits will be judged by independent judges with no credentials. only consumers. and we can enter the contest as many times as possible in as many categories as possibles and we can combine our talents when necessary. the only stipulation being that we answer the designated the landline phone , and we're all present for initial entry.

eh? then it'll be like, "It's a Mad, Mad, World !" but only valuable merchandise, which we can have appraised then divide ?

Aug 21, 2010, 07:27


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