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wtf is "slowcore" ???
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Mars Rover
Mars Rover
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Re: wtf is

Stereo Mouse wrote:
Mars Rover wrote:
seems like most of the stuff i like is labeled:




is RYM trying to tell me i have a drug problem?

A lot of the stuff that I like could also be described as "psychedelic". Some object to that term, but I've always associated it with certain attitude or that spaced-out, alien-from-another-planet approach. If some organ solo to me sounds psychedelic, then I think it's played by an individual who's dared to venture a bit far out, regardless if he IS far out or if the chemicals have pushed him far out.

Listen to this for a moment (first two minutes basically) and then tell me, was this drug-induced or not?

i agree, not all psychedelic music is drug-induced. to be honest when i read an artist or album described as "psychedelic" it piques my interest because it'll probably be out there, and i like spaced out sounds whether stoned or sober. Some of it is rubbish, for sure.

Aug 25, 2010, 21:54