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"Lyrical departure..."
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One Million Year Trip

One Million Year Trip

I lost someone precious
in the depth of my lining,
at the heart of my loss
my little sister's voice
forever muted, inaudible, inerte.
She went on a million year trip,
and left everything behind,
her skin, her hairs.
She has a long way to travel
so I will open my heart,
and let the pain run along
as there is no point in holding on.
Precious little sister,
I open my heart,
pour out the painful laughter
which can only help to heal,
and help me to fly you away,
to take off, the words...
Here I hope you will find solace
that you need,
forever, there's so many...
little sister, I let you go,
take the pain with you,
and throw it in...

Sep 14, 2010, 19:12