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"Lyrical departure..."
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By The Sea

By The Sea

So hard to say goodbye,
leaving it today,
I said goodbye before,
leaving you alone
by the sea.
We were thrown together,
the world unlike our own,
believing in each other,
we drifted far away
by the sea, by the sea.
Some may say
love comes easy,
unlike love,
ours was empty.
and ever-fading,
your words of love
left me lonely.
One-sided love
is lost before it's found,
a chance that my love
will never become,
never become.
Someone else will love me,
though I may think of you,
it doesn't really matter,
'cause all my love was lost.
In time I may forgive you,
or tell myself a lie,
and leave what never was
another chance to be,
by the sea, by the sea.

Sep 14, 2010, 19:54