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"Trippy" lyrics
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Natural Child

Natural Child

The double "you",
a double "me",
a mirror where one could see
the ancestry.
You dare to look
the double "we",
the side of you open and free,
waiting for love,
tuned to beauty,
spirit of giving, naturally
exchanging all simplicity.
The natural child
with strong legs and shoulders,
was made to carry
a load way too heavy.
Still you were able to raise,
resonate with some loftier way,
so high perhaps, and without fear,
which made you embrace the mystery
that tormented you.
Now that you are
traveling and finding
a new way,
and although I miss you,
now that you are one,
and that I am still two,
I can connect at last
to your presence revealed.
The peace and the knowledge
that you are well,
that all is well.

Sep 23, 2010, 03:48