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"Trippy" lyrics
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Another Monster

Another Monster

There is something very dark,
the shadow of which can't be turned around.
To diffuse some light,
what is this thing at last?
Whose sound?
Who's been muted and repressed?
Attracted to the color red.
Some dim,
some intimately deep corner.
You're not much loved
under the light.
One war, was one too many war.
One war, the one that killed his soul.
He once looked...closer
to the void...
and although well and in flux,
he teaches no...
Chance crushes the deeper bones.
So what?
You are a monster, but I'm part woman.
Rid yourself of me.
Your case needs opening up,
look inside, feel what needs to be felt.
There are choices you can make,
the humble ones of the poet.
The player, he cannot sleep at night.
The player, whose soul was killed in war.

Sep 23, 2010, 04:50