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"Trippy" lyrics
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Ceci Est Le Coeur translation

This Is The Heart

This is the heart (of Laetitia)
and in my heart there is
a vast red desert,
whipped by a sandstorm.
Fuzzy desert of crimson sands,
reflecting various layers of light.
Sometimes the tempest abates,
revealing a castle,
with high ramparts,
on top of the hill.
The wooden door opens
and reveals
(a blue disk, from which a little
was falling behind the horizon)
above, the green water
is burning with desire
(at the bottom, a...broken, blunt,
has stagnated for millions of years)
unrelenting, a movement
opens and closes
(it's a "ghost?", that lives, that shines,
emerges from the depths of the universe).
Our steps tread the Earth,
on a field of air,
that rises high up.
Yes, atop the tree,
the view is beautiful,
we were told, instinctively,
we know it, we are advancing.

Sep 23, 2010, 05:23