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"Trippy" lyrics
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Re: fluid sand

1.)"Like a hamster on a wheel
running 'round, and 'round, and 'round
towards a big crowd,"

spinning the wheels, as it were, and not reaching the goal

2.)"I was not living my true...
my own death was a type of suicide.
It is tragic because I lost you
when really (I love you)
this one has to find the truth
in the living world."

failure to get to a rewarding relationship, did not say the right things, loss of patience

3.)"We began with rolled rock.
first there was one,
then two, then three
as time went on.
(Fluid sand)
So did our desires evolve,
providing a change,
mass was further broken down,
it became shifting sand,
eroding to powder.
(Stack of dust)
The matter I needed to
sculpt a new..."

Relationship started out working through the larger general issues such as individual preferences, but evolved to the sharing of deeper, if not subliminal, feelings. This is what she wants to work with,the deepest of personal depths, but to shape the perfect realationship:
but it will always be like sand in the wind!

Sep 23, 2010, 12:41