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Got the NOT MUSIC promo cd!!!
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Got the NOT MUSIC promo cd!!!

Yesterday I went to the Music & Video Exchange shop in Notting Hill, London and saw the promo of the new Stereolab album on display in one of the shopping windows.
What a surprise! It was an expensive 15 but I had to get it! It's funny as it was exactly in the same place where at the time I had found previous Stereolab promo releases.
It comes in a typical cardboard promo sleeve and it has the grey background artwork like the iTunes version.
The cd is a proper one and not a cd-r.

I won't be able to listen to it until Monday though as I am currently away for work.
I will try to post a review during the week (I will be travelling again on Tuesday), although I am pretty sure that, if there are promo copies around, it will leak out very soon. But it won't be me as I know that even if you guys will eventually buy it, some other people might not.
So I am sure you will understand that I don't wish to do this to my favorite band.

Or maybe this is what I will do: Tim and Laetitia, if you are reading this post, promise me that you will carry on as Stereolab (even without the departed good old Andy Ramsay) or I will give this recording to everyione!!!
Just kidding :-)

Oct 09, 2010, 19:55


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