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Got the NOT MUSIC promo cd!!!
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Re: First listen, first impressions.

jauntymonty wrote:
That was a well written out of the cage analysis. Thanks for not overburdening it with metaphors.Although only having heard the snippets, I will probably like NM more than CC. My judgement may be hazed by the fog which is cast by anticipation. Time will tell.

I hate those kind of reviews myself so, although it wasn't exactly a "polished" review like the kind I would publish on a magazine, it was an attempt at expressing my views while at the same time trying to be objective about the album (if it is ever possible!).
Like somebody else has said, maybe my expectations were to high, but this is exactly what happens when you are "hazed by the fog which is cast by anticipation" (I like this!):
your enthusiasm can easily be curbed.
In any case I didn't dismiss NOT MUSIC. I just criticized some choices that were made in assembling/sequencing it and highlighted his fragmentary nature.
And I still have to listen to it for the second time: maybe tomorrow.

Oct 13, 2010, 23:16


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