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Got the NOT MUSIC promo cd!!!
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Re: Got the NOT MUSIC promo cd!!!

velvetwater wrote:
Thank you.
I understand what you are saying, jorbel.
But FFS was a "compilation" of singles (even though they were more or less released all together so it is really a kind of a hybrid compilation), whereas NOT MUSIC has been specifically described (by Tim, Laetitia and Martin) as "not a compilation of outtakes" from CHEMICAL CHORDS, but as part 2 of CC, which is not the same thing.
Had it been released as a "tour cd", as originally intended by Tim Gane, it would have been a completely different story. It would have been an "extra" and a most welcome one. It is still very welcome of course, but now, after 3 years since it was recorded, it can only be considered as a proper album. And this is how it's been marketed anyway.

Let me give you another example.
If you know JOAN AS A POLICEWOMAN, she released 2 albums so far plus a "covers" album that was only sold at her gigs.
Now, if you consider that album has her 3rd lp, you are bound to be disappointed as, however good it may be, it is certainly not as "substantial" as the previous lps, but as an extra release for the tour it is a lovely addition to any fan's collection of JOAN AS A POLICEWOMAN.

It may be a thin barrier, or just a conceptual reasonment that separates the definition of what a proper album is as opposed to a "release" of some other kind (in the end it is always music, right?), but I think that it is actually a key to evaluate an artistic endeavor of this sort whenever ones put himself in a position to do so (like in this post).
Or one could just sit down, listen and feel without expressing his opinion, or he might say "I like it" or "I don't like it". It is just a choice of a approach.

It's like you say -- at the end of the day it's just music! At least that's the way I always get it, so I don't care much about the way some opus is released or what its creators say about it. That's not the relevant part in my appreciation of music anyway. However, it's clear to me that lately (well, since Margerine Eclipse) the groop has been releasing some kind of "secondary material", not "the real thing". I don't worry too much, because I love it all! To tell you the truth, in some kind of twisted way, sometimes this sounds better to me than "the real thing" --i.e., all this recent material is full of positive energy, nothing like a "hiatusal" band would go into! :)

P.S. - I don't know about JOAN AS A POLICEWOMAN -- am I loosing something I shouldn't?



Oct 15, 2010, 15:05


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