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Got the NOT MUSIC promo cd!!!
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Re: Got the NOT MUSIC promo cd!!!

velvetwater wrote:
Dear Jorge (are you Brazilian, Portuguese or neither?), probably yours is the right and best attitude in order to fully enjoy whatever music one listens to.
But sometimes I don't mind a more "conceptualistic" approach.
And Stereolab have always been quite conceptual.

I have finally had a chance to listen to NOT MUSIC for the second time and I have removed the remixes from the playlist: this way it already flows much better.
Certainly, like cyberpainter said, a compilation between CC and NM in order to gather the best tracks together, would make an excellent album.
As they stand though, I probably rate CC a little higher than NM.

You ask about Joan As A Policewoman, musical project of Joan Wasser.
She is american, she used to be in Anthony & The Johnson and was the girlfriend of Jeff Buckley at the time of his premature death.
She then released 2 beautiful albums (plus the covers one). A third lp is imminent.
I would definitely recommend her (although her music bare no relation to Stereolab): I think she is one of the best singer-songwriters around.
Start with this pair of beautiful songs as a starter. The first one is dedicated to Jeff Buckley.

Portuguese, velvetwater. And you?

Thanks for introducing me to JAAP. I'll certainly check it out. ; )

At the end of the day it's just music, right, but I'm also a lover of conceptualism -- and of the way the groop plays around with it!



Oct 16, 2010, 20:16


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