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Got the NOT MUSIC promo cd!!!
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jeff w
jeff w
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So I finally cracked and "acquired" (ahem) Not Music. Someone asked me elsewhere what I thought of it so I may as well reproduce what I said here.

First of all, I think they should have stuck to "Chemical Chords 2" as the title, as this collection definitely feels like a partner album of CC.

That said, the arrangements are far simpler (stripped down). As others have noted, there are no strings at all and only one or two songs have brass. One side benefit of this though is that L's vocals are more prominent in the mix and feel more integral to the song, less detached than she often sounds on CC. A good thing, to my mind, and I'm not surprised that she prefers this collection to CC.

Cyberpainter wrote on this thread:
"I like some of CC, but even for those who didn't like it at all, there are obvious differences. For me, the lack of strings is a good thing, and there's less of the regular punchy beat that I wasn't fond of. So the sound is more to my liking. And the melodies are getting stuck in my head."

Agree with nearly all of this. I thought the strings (and brass) were the saving grace of CC, but I don't miss them here at all. And spot on about the repetitive punchy beat. There's also a lot less of the (rather irritating) watery guitar sound that is all over CC; another plus.

As for the remixes, I think they add another dimension to the record and generally feel it was a good decision to include them. In fact, in the version I've burned to CD I've put the Atlas Sound mix as track 1. It doesn't really work as a postscript but it works really well as a wrong-footing opener (cf. also the role of "Fuses" on Cobra and "Outer Bongolia" on Microbe Hunters.) Besides, as others have noted "Everybody's Weird..." is not the sort of dynamic opening track you really want. As 'track 2' after the remix, however, it's perfect.

^All this is very much early thoughts. I need to listen more, but so far so positive. :)

Oct 20, 2010, 17:59


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